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A cloud based SaaS solution that helps you track Daily & Weekly Collection details up-to-date and access it from anywhere through mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.
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SaaS - Software As A Service

what is SaaS? It is a method of software delivery where applications are hosted remotely by a vendor or service provider and are made available to customers over a network. Simply put, users rent the software instead of purchasing it.

Product Features

With our 15+ years of experience in Daily Collection Management desktop application, designed cloud based software with ease of use and trending technology.

Provides backward compatibility to our customers to sync data between online and existing desktop application and makes their life easy to manage the business from anywhere.

It is easy to start. Takes few seconds to setup your company. Just sign-up with your details and create a company for you. Multiple users can be created and assigned to a specific company if you hold multiple companies.

100% web based, there's no need for additional hardware or software. Distributing information on Daily Online is as safe as sharing it behind your firewall thanks to rigorous information security practices that are certified by third parties.

Supports Tamil and English. Select convenient language during company creation.

Plant trees when and where possible.